10 UK sustainability journalists to follow on Twitter

17th June 2022

Top Climate and Sustainability Journalists to Follow on Twitter

With the spotlight on climate change and sustainability more intense than ever, media titles are pouring resources into covering this important beat. From insights and analysis of the latest reports, to updates on environmental policy and coverage of the coolest climate tech, here are ten of the top climate and sustainability journalists that any savvy PR should be following on Twitter.

Helena Horton (Environment Reporter at The Guardian)

As an Environment Reporter at The Guardian, Helena has tackled everything from wilderness therapy to windfall taxes. She’s amassed a large following on Twitter, which she uses to share updates on her planned pieces and important environmental studies and statistics you ought to know about. 

Follow Helena @horton_official

Freya Pratty (Climate Tech Reporter at Sifted)

Freya is a Climate Tech Reporter at top European tech publication Sifted. She compiles their weekly Sustain newsletter alongside Connor Bilboe, which shares the top sustainable news stories and data drops from the startup world each week. Follow Freya’s Twitter to stay up to date with her latest research and her appearances on the Sifted Podcast. 

Follow Freya @FPratty

Emma Gatten (Environmental Editor at The Telegraph)

Emma heads up The Telegraph’s Environment section, covering topics from climate change to environmental policy. Emma typically centres her work around the issues consumers care about, highlighting the impact of environmental issues on our everyday lives. Follow her on Twitter for updates on the energy crisis and the occasional case study request.

Follow Emma @emmagatten

Harry Cockburn (Environment Correspondent at The Independent)

Since 2016, Harry has played a key role in growing The Independent’s Climate section, predominantly focusing on stories relating to the natural world. His work ranges from environmental news updates and analysis, to in-depth features and opinion pieces about the climate crisis. He has previously worked as a Newsdesk Editor and Night Editor for The Independent.

Follow Harry @HarryCockburn

Helen Briggs (Science, Health and Nature Correspondent at BBC News)

Working as a journalist and broadcaster at the BBC, Helen has reported on everything from biodiversity to fast-fashion. Before joining the BBC, she worked as a news reader and reporter for local and network radio and news. Helen has worked as the BBC News website’s Health Editor, and the BBC World Service’s Science Reporter. Follow Helen on Twitter to see her tweets about the latest news on global deforestation and greenwashing.

Follow Helen @hbriggs

Catherine Boudreau (Senior Sustainability Reporter at Business Insider)

For insights into global sustainability news through a business lens, Catherine is your go-to reporter. Catherine recently moved to Insider after working at Politico for six years. She now writes about how companies can tackle ESG issues such as climate change, plastic waste and working conditions, with a particular focus on corporate accountability. Catherine also heads up Insider‘s Sustainability Newsletter alongside Sarah Belle Lin. 

Follow Catherine @ceboudreau

William Mathis (Climate Change and Renewable Energy Reporter at Bloomberg)

Working at Bloomberg for 4 years, Will’s back catalogue includes in-depth stories on international energy markets through to scientific reports on renewables. His Twitter is a handy reference point for updates on the rise in energy prices and the low-down on advancements in renewable energy. 

Follow Will @MathisWilliam

Maeve Campbell (Deputy Editor at Euronews)

To expose yourself to climate tech on a global scale, Maeve Campbell is another great journalist to follow. Maeve is Euronews’ Deputy Editor and mainly produces content for their Green section. During her 3 years at Euronews, Maeve has covered topics spanning renewable energy, sustainability and environmental policy. She also occasionally contributes to Euronews Travel. 

Follow Maeve @ecomaeve

Madeleine Cuff (Environmental Correspondent at The i Paper)

Madeleine is The i’s Environment Correspondent. Since 2015, she’s reported on environmental affairs and policy for iNews. Madeleine’s Twitter covers updates on carbon and energy analysis and wildlife reports, as well as case study requests. She’s also responsible for launching The i’s Green Shoots newsletter, which contains weekly tips and advice for readers wanting to live more sustainably. 

Follow Madeleine @MadeleineCuff

Roger Harrabin (Freelance)

Roger was a former Energy and Environment Analyst at BBC News – and was one of the senior journalists covering the environment and energy. He also featured as a presenter on BBC environment programme, Costing the Earth. Earlier this month Roger went freelance. Follow Roger’s Twitter for his opinions on the latest trending topics around sustainability. 

Follow Roger @RHarrabin

You should also follow:

Susie Bearne – Freelancer for the BBC and others @sbearne

Sandra Laville – Environment Correspondent at The Guardian @sandralaville

Saphora Smith – Climate Correspondent at The Independent @SaphoraSmith

Sarah Belle Lin – Newsletter Fellow at Insider @SarahBelleLin

Connor Bilboe – Editorial Assistant at Sifted @connorbilboe

To follow all of the climate and sustainability journalists mentioned in this article (and a few bonus additions!) check out our List on Twitter.

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By Jessica Sharpe, Senior Account Executive at Crest

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