6 publications every startup founder should read

19th May 2021

If you’re a startup founder, you’ve probably heard of sites like Entrepreneur and Forbes. But how much have you delved into the wider media landscape designed specifically for startups in the UK and Europe? From monthly print magazines to websites dedicated to digital: if you know where to look, there are lots of publications that hold valuable insights for founders to glean.

Some are best for staying abreast of industry trends and monitoring competitors’ news; others are great for tips on how to run your business, helping you learn from others’ mistakes and successes. There are even titles which host their own networking events, awards, conferences and podcasts, and engaging with them could secure your next new business lead or profile raising opportunity.

To help you cut through the noise and get down to business, we’ve identified six essential reads for startup founders. If you don’t get time to browse them all today, you can always subscribe to one or two of the newsletters mentioned to keep up-to-date with more digestible snippets from the magazines. It’s also a good idea to follow some of these publications on Twitter if you want to get on the radar of target titles… Happy reading (and hustling)!

Best for the latest European startup news: Sifted

If it’s good enough for the Financial Times it’s good enough for us. Backed by the big-shot broadsheet itself, Sifted publishes news and views across the entire European startup ecosystem. From which Healthtech, Fintech or any-other-tech has secured funding, to thought provoking commentary from some of the startup world’s most successful founders, this digital title is the ideal place to read up on your peers, competitors and potential investors. They also publish in-depth reports on industry trends, and host their own talks with expert panels offering tips for founders. 

Best for events and panels: Startups Magazine

This digital and bi-monthly print magazine has something to offer entrepreneurs at tech startups from all sectors. With articles covering a range of topics across HR, Funding, Diversity and more, you can learn ‘how to optimise cash flow’ one day, and ‘how to be inclusive of working parents’ the next.

As well as hosting their own free-to-attend webinars, with experts speaking around the theme of their current issue, their event calendar is a great resource for industry masterclasses and panels. The same goes for their podcast section, which features their own offering – focused on interviews with founders in the startup space – alongside a large library of other relevant shows for founders to treat their ears to. 

Best for small business advice: Startups

One of the more established titles in the space, Startups is aimed not just at tech startups, but at small businesses of any description. That includes would-be businesses who are in their ideas phase. Based entirely online, Startups have an entire section dedicated to starting and growing a business, including articles on strategy, building a website, and marketing. 

Their practical guides are a great place for any budding entrepreneur to start. Even better if you end up being featured as one of their Dragon’s Den case studies, being interviewed for their ‘successful entrepreneur stories’, or ranking in their annual Startups 100 awards

Best for insights from fellow founders: Maddyness

The UK branch of the hugely popular digital French magazine is definitely one to add to your reading list. If you want to know where investors’ money is going, we’d especially recommend keeping an eye on their weekly Maddymoney series. The articles recap the number of investment deals each week, the total amount raised, and which businesses have secured the funding. 

You can also look to their ‘News’ section for more updates on the lie of the land across innovation, tech, entrepreneurship and finance. Then, learn how your startup can become the centre of a funding round worth tens of millions of pounds by heading to their ‘Tools’ articles; where insights include ‘what investors will ask about your startup’s revenue plan’. As with Startups Magazine, Maddyness also compiles a list of industry event dates for your calendar.

Best for inspiring stories and ideas: Courier

Courier magazine is as much a guide to life as it is business. In their own words, they aim to help readers “work better and live smarter”. They only print six issues a year, with each one focusing on a specific sector and featuring inspirational founder stories and practical advice on how to crack the market yourself. Most recently they turned the spotlight on F&B businesses, and previously they’ve looked into Design and Fashion.

You can also tap into a whole host of their content for free. Simply sign up to their weekly or bi-weekly newsletters (or browse the archives) for tips and tricks, as well as guides explaining how different business concepts can help you grow your startup. Keep an eye on their podcasts and events too, which are likely to start up again soon.

Best all rounder: Real Business 

This digital offering is a great all round read for startup founders across all sectors. The UK based title’s news coverage gives a broad overview on current affairs and issues affecting businesses: from updates on government policy to the state of the property market. They also have a practical advice section with experts weighing in on important issues like ‘how employers can best support pregnant employees’, to zeitgeisty topics such as ‘why your SME should be using TikTok’. 

Both the interview and contributed opinion articles elevate the voices of small business founders. Besides gleaning lessons from others who’ve worn your shoes, familarising yourself with these sections is the best preparation you can do if you want to count your own story amongst them. The same goes for all the magazines we’ve listed here. Keeping your nose to the ground and your head in the books – or magazines – is the only way to truly learn what kind of content and angles different publications cover.

Still want more? For an EU-centric take on startup news, Silicon Canals and Tech.eu are worth a scroll. Alternatively, for all the latest on UK-based funding rounds and expansions head to UK Tech News and industry stalwart TechCrunch.

by Libby Crotty, Senior Account Executive at Crest

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