In 2019, we worked with Buyagift to encourage the public to make their festivities more sustainable. The multi-faceted campaign aligned with the company’s policy of carbon off-setting all of their experiences via a partnership with the environmental charity Cool Earth. We positioned Buyagift as the go-to destination for experience gifts that don’t cost the earth.

What we did

The launch of the #BAGaBetterChristmas campaign involved the publication of educational listicles and articles on behalf of influencers and Buyagift spokespeople across multiple platforms. Each piece of content spoke to a particular issue, with the added benefit of promoting experience gifts as waste-free and alternatives to traditional material gifts. 

Crest secured campaign partnerships with top sustainability influencers including Immy Lucas, Signe Hansen, Stephanie Elswood and Natalie Glaze. These partners amplified the campaign via their social media platforms, as well as contributing original written content which we placed in the likes of Glamour and Be Kind Magazine under the campaign umbrella.

The crescendo of the campaign was the inaugural Buyagift Sustainable Christmas Market: a one-day pop-up event in East London. Over 30 pieces of pre-event publicity were secured including Time Out, Metro, Londonist, The Guardian and Heat (to name just a few) driving huge footfall on the day. We welcomed over 40 of the UK’s leading eco-conscious independent brands to the market and over 900 guests who shopped for sustainable gifts and enjoyed zero-waste workshops.

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