Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes

How do you announce one of the most challenging and dangerous human feats ever undertaken? With a sensational press campaign, of course. Explorer and adventurer Ash Dykes was due to set off on one of his riskiest endeavours to date and something never before attempted; walking the length of the Yangtze River in China. A perilous trek that would take him over a year and put him in the path of poisonous snakes, hungry bears and wolves, and treacherous river crossings.

What we did

We worked with Ash and his sponsors to get his trip on the map. Thanks to a full-length feature piece with the Independent, an interview with BBC Wales, an article from the Press Association (which saw the news appear in a huge slew of regional press), plus pieces in Coach, Daily Mail, South China Morning Press, and Outdoor Fitness, we were able to do just that.

When Ash reached the half-way point of his trip 6 months later, we handled the press for this landmark moment. This included further profiling on BBC Wales, Capital Radio, and Daily Mail, alongside England and Wales regional publications and Chinese media.

Crest played an integral role in managing a huge media relations campaign around expedition in China. We’ve had amazing amounts of media coverage including interviews with the BBC, Independent and Daily Mail. The team were professional, diligent and good fun to work with throughout. As a result of Crest’s work, we had massive exposure at home and abroad. Great work!

Ash Dykes

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