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Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility is the UK's first clinical-grade, at-home fertility treatment. As their PR partner, we've taken them from pre-seed to product launch, and are now gearing up to tell the world about the first "Béabies".

We’ve worked with Béa since 2021 to raise awareness of and build trust in their truly innovative, clinical-grade fertility offering. This has included supporting the announcement of 3 funding rounds, key team appointments, critical validation data and, most importantly, the consumer launch of the product.

This work has seen Béa profiled in The Times, Marie Claire, WIRED, Sifted, the i paper, Daily Mail, Harper’s Bazaar, Mother & Baby, and the Guardian, and a huge number more.

Our work not only fuelled hype and excitement in Béa’s potential as the company pursued VC investment, it also built vital consumer trust and engagement pre-launch, which was capitalised on when the product was ready.

I’ve been working with Crest for years now, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Rhiannon and Amy are smart, professional and incredibly hardworking. Their ability to create messages that resonate and secure coverage with top tier publications and journalists is impressive. They went above and beyond for us, and secured press coverage that most startups can only dream of. The coverage secured for us by Crest has had a significant positive impact on our reputation, our ability to raise funds and attract top talent into the team at Béa. If you’re looking for a PR agency, look no further.

Tess Cosad, CEO & Founder, Béa Fertility

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