Nye Health

Nye Health

We helped Nye Health go from o to 60 as they raced to get their free, NHS designed tech into the hands of healthcare workers to support the COVID-19 response.

What we did

As the crisis hit, Nye Health built and released an NHS-compliant remote phone and video consultation tool within a matter of days. We supported them with PR to ensure as many clinicians as possible could access the technology.

With time of the essence, we quickly secured widespread national coverage. This included a feature piece on BBC Online, a further mention on BBC Online, and broadcast segment with the BBC! Aside from the BBC love, Nye were profiled in the Metro, Business Insider, Health Service Journal, the Express, and the Telegraph, alongside a slew of crucial healthcare publications.

Thanks to the dedication of their team and the swift profile raise, their tech was covering 10 million patients within 6 weeks.

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