Thymia develops AI-powered video games that help clinicians spot and measure mental health and other cognitive conditions more quickly, objectively and accurately. We’ve worked with Thymia since 2021, supporting them through their first funding round and going on to build their brand as a world-leading mental health innovator to watch.

What we did

With the tech set to go through clinical trials this year, our strategy focuses on raising awareness of what Thymia is building – and the impact it’s going to have. 

The technology is being trialled to help doctors diagnose depression as well as other cognitive disorders. So we’ve been working to build awareness of the different applications of the technology through interviews, features, podcasts and broadcast segments. We’re also working to position Thymia as a market leader in the use of ethical AI – and to raise the profile of co-founder and CEO Emilia Molimpakis as a leading mind in the field of neuroscience and mental health.

So far, Thymia has appeared across an impressive selection of global media outlets. These include Sky News, The Times, The Telegraph, Sifted and The Evening Standard, as well as interviews with The Washington Post, the BBC, and MIT Technology Review. 

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